Wednesday, February 27, 2008

NOLA observations - 2 - Who will pay?

Regarding the New Orleans hurricane disaster of 2005:

I'm a Libertarian, yet I *still* let myself get suckered into believing the same knuckleheaded politicized bureaucracy that screws up everything will, somehow, come through in a *real* emergency. Dumb, dumb, dubm.
They have some kind of emergency plan but, like NOLA, they are just as likely to panic and not follow fundamental parts of it when the earthquake comes. Or, rather, we can't count on them to follow it.

Of course, *we* aren't prepared either, as individuals.
Some are angrily declaring, "A lot of people will pay for this debacle in the next election."

You're kidding yourself. A lot of people will be campaigning on this disaster, and a lot of people will be making excuses for this disaster--but the Democrats will still vote for Democrats, and the Republicans will still vote for Republicans, and those without a strong party affiliation will still vote for whichever one does the best job of pulling the wool over their eyes.

Which is the definition of normalcy in electoral politics.

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