Monday, November 3, 2008

The Pleasures of Voting for the No-Chance Candidate!

I voted for the Libertarian candidate for President in the 2008 election.

What's his name.

It doesn't matter!

That's the great thing about voting for someone you know has no chance of winning: You don't have to worry about such practical issues as Will he stay on message once he's in office? Is he really competent or a knucklehead personally? How will he react to the unexpected crisis? Dos he have the experience to handle the job? Has he cheated on his spouse? Does he have anything else shameful or embarrassing in his past?

He's not going to win, so none of this matters a whit!

I can vote as an expression of my vision of the role of government in society. I don' t have to worry about distractions.

Try it sometimes! Try voting for the candidate whose politics are closest to yours. Or least far away. Leave out the personality issues. Leave out the stupid "horse-race" aspects too, the one the press obsesses about most! It doesn't MATTER if you "throw away your vote" -- this isn't ACTUALLY a horse race! Nobody's going to come to your door November 5th and pay you your winnings for having correctly bet on the winning candidate!

Vote your vision. Have a vision! Educate yourself! Then act! Without just mindlessly doing what the political class says! And what the press says, because they just echo the mindset and wordview of the political class!

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