Thursday, April 16, 2009

Instead of Stimulus Pork--Stop Withholding for a Year!

Here's a wild, radical, yet somehow enormously appealing alternative to the multi-trillion-dollar stimulus packages being spent by Washington D.C.: Suspend the personal income tax for a year -- stop tax withholding from paychecks.

Crazy? Not really. The amount raised by personal income taxes each year is right around what the stimulus package will cost us. Instead of going to favored (or unfavored-by-the-market) industries with political pull -- the money would go into the pockets of every taxpayer in the country. Or, rather -- *stay* in our pockets.

Talk about a stimulus! Imagine if the 20% of so now withheld from your paycheck every payday were put back into your paycheck. That would help you and every neighbor you have, and right now, not months from now.

Check this out;

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