Friday, July 24, 2009

A few political quotables: The arrogance of health care "reform," the inrationality of raising minimum wages in a recession, the failure of light rail

"How do these arrogant, presumptuous politicians believe they can know enough to plan for the rest of us? Who do they think they are? Under cover of helping uninsured people get medical care, they live out their megalomaniacal social-engineering fantasies -- putting our physical and economic health at risk in the process.

"Will the American people say "Enough!"?

"I fear not, based on the comments on my blog."

John Stossel, Arrogance, July 24, 2009


[If raising the minimum wage helps employees...]

The federal government is trying to strengthen the U.S. auto industry. So here's a great idea for what it can do: Tell the Big Three to raise their prices across the board.

....[W]hy set the minimum at $7.25 an hour? Why not $17.25? Why not $37.25?

The suspension of disbelief required to support the minimum wage will only take you so far. It's impossible to deny that if it were illegal to pay someone less than a mere $36 an hour, a lot of jobs would vanish. ."

--Steve Chapman, 'The Dangerous Minimum Wage Mirage.'


Seattle's new, horrifyingly expensive light-rail system -- $2.4 billion to go 14 miles, and only downtown to the airport -- has outlawed auto parking at the stations or anywhere within a quarter mile thereof. They want people to take the (reduced) bus lines, or walk, or bike. To a line that takes them to the airport. Like all city light rail lines, it is wildy over budget, and will reduce congestion not at all. Read more.

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