Monday, September 28, 2009

"End the Fed!" Book hits NYT Bestseller List!

Congressman Ron Paul, whose run for the Republican Presidential nomination last year was one of the few refreshing things to happen to the Republican Party in decades, published his book, End The Fed, a few weeks ago and it has already come out in the top-10 new books on Amazon, as well as the NT Times and the WSJ bestseller lists -- quite a feat for a book of libertarian politics that advocates ending the Federal Reserve!

Paul writes, "Since 1913, the Fed has had it all its own way: booms and busts, dollar depreciation, redistribution to the government and the big banks from the middle and working classes. But just as Andrew Jackson abolished the predecessor of the Fed, we too can knock over this dangerous institution. End The Fed teaches all the fascinating history, and tells us what we can do for the future."

I've started reading it and it is indeed very readable and quite shocking. Paul's bill to force the Fed to open its books to Congress has received surprising support in Congress, from the Democratic left in particular -- the sense of the Fed's enormous power and secretive operations is creating fear and worry. I recommend this book; it may be the only economic-policy book you ever read, but it will be the most important.

Interested? You can order this slim but important volume from Amazon at this link:

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