Sunday, May 2, 2010

Walter E. Williams : Salt Tyrants -

Walter E. Williams : Salt Tyrants - He makes a good point. If you believe government's writ is everything politicians and bureaucrats think is good for you, how far away are you from tyranny? And when tyranny comes, what protest will you have *in principle*? None - you've already given away your principles.

It always starts thus: Tobacco, of course, because it's bad for you. Salt - silly, but what harm in letting them control that? Save me from having to think about it.

One fine day they'll get to something you think is important, or inane, or offensive. And you'll be out of luck. Because your view is not rule-of-law, your view is what-I-and-people-who-think-like-me-think-is-reasonable.

That view dooms you.

If that assertion puzzles you, we have a long, long conversation ahead of us....


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